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Career counseling helps you understand yourself better by identifying your strengths and interests and exploring various career options. Career counselors work on your profile from as early as 9th grade by preparing a customized roadmap for you. Experts and mentors provide relevant resources and updated information needed to develop your career and lead you on the path of professional success.

Benefits Of Career Counseling

  • Helps you find the right career

  • Personalized attention

  • Customized career mapping

  • Achievable career goals

  • Enhances your profile


Genius ZEN Approach

  • Self-discovery 

  • Identify key strengths 

  • Navigate career options

  • Develop a holistic profile 

  • Personalized guidance



Genius ZEN provides complete assistance in the university application process to the students for graduate and post graduate studies. ZEN Mentors provides application services and career counselling to students, guidance, and support in building strong profile which helps in getting admission in their dream college.

Benefits Of UAS

ZEN Mentors helps you in creating a profile which showcases your strengths and highlights your core competencies.

ZEN Managers guide and assist you throughout the admission process- from receiving the admission letter to visa application and pre-departure counseling.



Genius ZEN Approach

  • Build a customized profile 

  • Shortlist relevant universities

  • Complete application assistance (LOR, SOP, Essay writing, Resume building)

  • Visa counseling (visa appointment, application, and interview)




SAT is a standardized exam for high school students looking at studying in universities in India or abroad. It assesses students in 2 core areas- English Language and Mathematical skills. It is accepted in the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada and 42 universities across India. 

Why Should I Take SAT?

  • 42 universities in India accept the SAT

  • To take 1 standardized exam instead of multiple exams

  • To create an outstanding scholarship worthy profile

  • To beat the odds and get admitted to your dream university

SAT Overview


  • 2 modules

  • 50 questions

  • 64 minutes

  • Mixed questions of reading and grammar


  • 2 modules

  • 40 questions

  • 70 minutes

  • Built-in calculator




CUET, Common University Entrance Test, is an all-India common entrance exam conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission to undergraduate courses across more than 110 universities in India. The test includes 42 central universities, such as Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Hyderabad University, and Allahabad University, among others, that will accept CUET 2023 scores for admissions.


Why Should I Take CUET?

  • Aims to reduce subjective bias

  • Standardized assessment

  • Equal and Fair opportunities for every student 

  • Simplified admission process

CUET Exam Overview

  • Section IA    13 Languages       

  • Section IB    20 Languages

  • Section II     27 Domain-specific Subject 

  • Section III    General Test




ACT (American College Test) is for high school students who want to take admission in universities in U.S. and Canada. ACT exam is conducted to assess the knowledge and aptitude of students majorly in four areas- Reading, Writing, Math, and Science. There is an optional section of essay writing, which is highly recommended. 


Why Should I Take ACT?

  • To gain a competitive edge for college admission

  • To apply for graduate studies at U.S. universities

  • To show your academic competency 

ACT Sections

  • English – 45 minutes 

  • Mathematics – 60 minutes

  • Reading – 35 minutes 

  • Science – 35 minutes 

  • Essay (optional) – 40 minutes




AP (Advanced Placement) is an entry level exam which tests an applicants’ proficiency in specific subject for undergrad level. High score in AP exam can help in tuition fee waiver, additional course credit offered by some universities and preference during your college application. 

Why Should I Take AP?

  • To get tuition fee waiver 

  • To get course credits

  • To build an outstanding academic profile

AP Format

  • Multiple Choice Questions

  • Free Response Questions



IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test which is recognized by universities, educational institutions, and companies worldwide. IELTS score adds weightage to your university profile, job application, or PR application in English speaking countries. 


Why Should I Take IELTS?

  • To show competency in English language through a worldwide accepted certified score

  • To fortify your visa application 

  • To pursue higher education or find work opportunities in English speaking countries

IELTS Sections

IELTS is of two types- General and Academic

  • Listening – 30 minutes 

  • Reading – 60 minutes

  • Writing – 60 minutes 

  • Speaking – 15 minutes 




TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam is a standardized exam, accepted worldwide, to check proficiency in English language for the purpose of higher studies or work abroad. TOEFL is accepted by more than 11,000 organizations in over 160 countries.   

Why Should I Take TOEFL?

  • To pursue higher education in English speaking countries

  • To get a certified score for English proficiency

  • To improve your language skills

TOEFL iBT Sections

TOEFL iBT in a test center/ Home Edition/ Paper Edition

  • Listening - 41-57 minutes 

  • Reading - 54-72 minutes

  • Writing - 50 minutes 

  • Speaking - 17 minutes 




PSAT is Preliminary SAT which is taken by students to get familiar with the SAT pattern, format, and time management. 
PSAT helps in developing strategies to score high in SAT and adds weightage to your academic profile. It helps in developing critical and problem-solving skills necessary for students who aim to give SAT exam later. 


Why Should I Take PSAT?

  • To be eligible for various scholarships

  • To better prepare for SAT

  • To add weightage to your academic profile

PSAT Sections

  • Reading – 60 minutes 

  • Writing and Language  – 35 minutes 

  • Mathematics (no calculator) – 25 minutes 

  • Mathematics (calculator) – 45 minutes

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